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Nonprofit Solutions

It’s a noisy world, and it’s hard for nonprofit voices to be heard. But nonprofits are vitally important to create the world we want to live in. Creative communications make all the difference when it comes to being heard. At

Business Solutions

You know that there is no such thing as “business as usual.” Every day, when you open the door, you are faced with new customers and new challenges. Every sale depends on your ability to communicate effectively with your customers.


At 3 Choices Creative Communications, we love helping launch books. We can take your manuscript and turn it into a book with an eye-catching cover, a great title, and an error-free, well-designed interior. We can create your book trailer and design bookmarks,

3 great choices (and more) for you

3 Choices Creative Communications helps nonprofits and socially responsible businesses reach out to your clients and customers with creative, effective communications. We start with an assessment of your existing communications, then together, we plan a strategy to get the most from your digital, print, and video communications. With the plan in place, we turn ideas and concepts into reality, creating websites, documents, and videos you can use and update going forward.

3 Choices Creative Communications provides a full range of services, including:

Website content audits
Video production
Digital content development
Project management
Writing & editing
Illustration & photography
Graphic design for print and web
Communications analysis and assessment
Strategic plans for communications and branding

Why 3 Choices?

Why 3 Choices?

The optimal number of choices in decision-making is three. Two choices are frustrating, and four choices are overwhelming, but there is something satisfying about comparing three choices and selecting the best one. Yet, when it comes to communications, the choices are

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