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Internet speeds: Before and after

As I spent more and more time working at my father’s house, I tried to  convince him that it was time for real high-speed internet. “But I have high-speed internet,” he protested. His DSL was not high speed. It was so slow, the $50 a month he was paying was downright criminal.

I told him we could get better speed at the same cost, if not lower. When he gave his blessing, I made a mental note to call Comcast, who provides service in the neighborhood.

Less than an hour later, the doorbell rang. It was a sales representative from Comcast — I kid you not!

He was surprised and delighted when we invited him into the house, asked a lot of questions, and then signed up for internet (for me) and television (f0r Dad).

A week later, we are set up and running at speeds that are 25 to 50 times faster than AT&T for the same price.

That gives Dad fast enough internet to watch news videos on his computer. Not only that, but the new television system has voice recognition. He can talk to the remote, and it will change the channel for him.

Change is often difficult for senior citizens. But it’s worth taking a look to see if something new is available. For the same price, new technology can make life a whole lot easier.

Margaret Meps Schulte helps nonprofits and small businesses communicate effectively on the web, in print, and in the media. She is the principal at Choose Art Communications.

50 times faster, for the same price