Margaret Meps SchulteThere’s a lot to be said for experience, and the more diverse, the better. I’ve been a communications consultant for over 30 years, but I haven’t always called myself that. Instead, here are some of the roles and titles I’ve held since 1981:

  • Information Architect, Content Manager, Knowledge Manager
  • Art Director, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer
  • Systems Integrator, Web Developer, WordPress Developer
  • Public Affairs Manager, Sales & Marketing Coordinator
  • Technical Writer, Author, Editor
  • Public Speaker, Entrepreneur
  • Business Consultant, Business Analyst
  • Project Manager

My wide-ranging skillset makes it possible for me to look at each client’s communications challenges from a number of different perspectives.

With that said, there is only one perspective that truly matters: The audience. If you haven’t reached your audience, then you aren’t really communicating. Effective communications require that you reach your audience, not just broadcast information and hope it reaches a receptive ear.

What information is your audience they looking for? Have you delivered it in a medium they can easily understand and act upon? Have you provided a means for your audience to give you feedback? Are you tracking the effectiveness of your communications?

Give me a call, and let’s do an assessment of your organization’s communications and then come up with an actionable plan. Your audience is out there, waiting to hear from you.


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