PublishingAt 3 Choices Creative Communications, we love helping launch books. We can take your manuscript and turn it into a book with an eye-catching cover, a great title, and an error-free, well-designed interior. We can create your book trailer and design bookmarks, postcards, sell sheets, advertisements, and much more.

Publishing is a very specialized form of communication that is in the process of a radical shift. Books are printed at the touch of a button, and anyone can write and publish one. The concept of “out of print” no longer exists. Books are available in a multitude of electronic and audio formats, as well as printed on paper.

Despite the changes, careful editing remains the most important part of the publishing process. So does cover design. Selecting the perfect title, designing a readable interior, and illustrating it — these are all areas that can make or break a book project.

We’ve worked on all aspects of book design, production, and marketing. We have unique experience with illustrated eBooks, which require a different process than print books.

Publishing a book can be stressful. Let us take the stress out of the process, so you can get back to writing the next one.

floating-pencil-with-booksRecent books we’ve been involved with include: