Margaret Meps Schulte
Margaret Meps Schulte

The optimal number of choices in decision-making is three. Two choices are frustrating, and four choices are overwhelming, but there is something satisfying about comparing three choices and selecting the best one.

Yet, when it comes to communications, the choices are overwhelming and infinite. What should the message be? What should it look like? Should the final deliverable be a video, a website, or a printed brochure?

The final arbiter is usually budget, especially for nonprofits and small businesses. At 3 Choices Creative Communications, we’ll help you navigate the overwhelming decisions and get the most out of your communications budget.

The brainpower behind 3 Choices Creative Communications is Margaret Meps Schulte. With over 30 years of experience in corporate and nonprofit communications, her life’s mission is to communicate as clearly and effectively as possible.

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